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As an accomplished performer and composer with perfect pitch, I have been playing pianos all my life. This experience helps me cater to my piano tuning clients with great sensitivity. I have been tuning pianos in the National Capital Region since 1981. My clients include: music and dance schools, churches, recording studios, teaching studios and private homes. All types of pianos from spinets to concert grands: Yamaha, Heintzman, Steinway, Baldwin, Kawai, Young Chang, Samick, Boston, Essex, Bosendorfer, Bluthner, Estonia and North American pianos of all kinds.

Regular tuning and maintenance of your piano is essential for both listening pleasure and for retaining the value of your instrument.

Services I offer:

-Piano Tuning and Repair, Regulation and Voicing


-Humidity control (Dampp-Chaser installation)

Pricing – Contact for Current Rates

Contact info for Colin Mack:

phone: 613-747-2923

e-mail: maxmusik@rogers.com

Address:  745 Stiles Cres.

(Beacon Hill North – Highway 174 and Montreal Rd.)

Ottawa, Ontario  K1J 6Y9


At Christ Church Cathedral, our ministry of music is one of the busiest of any city church. Our boy and girl choirs rehearse several times weekly, and our performances are continual, and well attended. The efficiency and effectiveness of our rehearsals are critical to our work, and none of this is possible without rehearsal, studio, and performance pianos being kept in premium condition. For this, we entrust the work to Colin Mack, for superior service, sensitivity, and musicality.

-Matthew Larkin

Colin Mack has been tuning the Ottawa Choral Society’s rehearsal piano since 2012. We are always very happy with his work. He is reliable, responsive, and does an excellent job keeping our Yamaha upright, and by extension, our whole choir, sounding great!

-Sheilah Craven

As a piano teacher with many advanced students, I count on Colin Mack to keep my grand piano and two uprights in top condition. Whereas many other tuners leave an allotted time to tune a piano, Colin always goes the extra mile and works until the pianos are a delight to play. He is a true professional who knows his craft inside out. Besides giving a first-rate tuning, he keeps me informed of future needs for the pianos. He is punctual about appointment time, respectful of my home, and always courteous. I recommend him to all my students, who have always been pleased with the service they received. It is rare to find such an accomplished pianist and composer with his tuning skills and I believe that is why he holds himself to an exceptional level of care for our pianos.

-Heather Norian

As a performing pianist I find it most important to keep my Yamaha grand in top condition. Colin Mack is my tuner of choice and has been for 18 years. I recommend his expertise without hesitation.

 – Evelyn Greenberg

I have been delighted with Colin’s work on my piano. It is beautifully in tune. I highly recommend him for his work.

-Verna Jacobson

Colin teaches music and tunes piano. He has the advantage to understand piano from both worlds. He guided us through the piano purchase process and helped us to find a perfect grand piano. We trust Colin to keep our piano in top shape. In terms of tuning, Colin is meticulous. He would spend hours to make sure tuning is done right. I recommend him to anyone who is looking for an experienced professional to take care of their piano.
-Howard Zheng

Colin 不仅调琴,他还是音乐老师。因此他能从技术和音乐的双重角度理解和维护钢琴。因为他很懂行,他教我了解钢琴,并帮助我们购买了一架很好的三角钢琴。为了将钢琴保持在一个最好的状态,我们一直依赖Colin的建议和专业服务。说到调琴,他非常认真仔细。为了把琴调到最佳状态,他会不停的工作直到调准为止。如果你需要一个有经验又认真负责的专业人士为你的钢琴提供服务,Colin是最佳人选。

-Howard Zheng

When I purchased my piano, it came with a free tuning provided by the store’s technician. While the technician did tune my piano, it only sounded good. I contacted Colin to tune my piano and the result was a piano that was not only in tune but sounds like a musical instrument. In over 30 years, Colin has not let me down. He provides expert service as well as expert advice.

Patricia Brush
Church Administrator
St Giles Church, Ottawa, ON

Mr. Mack came and tuned my upright Young Chang in September 2013 and did a wonderful job. He was efficient but thorough, offered a good rate, and left my piano sounding clear and pitch perfect. The action feels great, too. I would definitely recommend Mr. Mack and I intend to employ his services for my future tunings.

-Jared Weston
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