Colin Mack


Colin has been an active member of the Ottawa musical community since 1970, first as a pianist then later as a composer and music teacher. Studying piano with Douglas Voice and Jean-Paul Sevilla, he obtained an ARCT (piano performance) in 1974 and a BA (Hon. Music) from the University of Ottawa in 1979. In 1985 he received a M.Mus (composition) from the University of Montreal having studied with Steven Gellman, Michel Longtin, André Prévost and Serge Garant. Colin’s music has been broadcast on CBC and Radio-Canada radio and recorded on the CanSona label. Notable recent performances include a retrospective concert at the National Gallery of Canada during the 2011 Music and Beyond Festival and a 2015 Violin Concerto with Thirteen Strings featuring Noémi Racine-Gaudreault.

Colin co-founded and taught for many years in the University of Ottawa Summer RCM Theory Program. He is a longtime member of the Ontario Registered Music Teachers Association, Gloucester Music Teachers Association, an associate composer of the Canadian Music Centre and the Canadian League of Composers.

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